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The Crescent Childcare Center believes in development of the entire child - social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth. Children are encouraged to explore all areas of the environment which is designed to enhance small and large motor skills, awareness of self, family, peers and the world around them. Through exploration the CCC Children are learning coordination, independence, responsibility, manners, and self respect.

LIFE SKILLS – Through basic practical life skills, our children learn to become more independent and  self-confidence. Everyday routines and the environment around them allow the children to become an active member in the community.

SENSORIAL – Learning through the senses starts when children are first born.  Children love to touch, smell, taste, hear, and look at everything, so we give them those opportunities daily. Taking in all of these activities will help the child understand the world around them. With that knowledge they begin to organize and integrate what they are learning through their sensory input. 

LANGUAGE – Around the age of two, speech develops at an enormous rate. They go through an explosion of words followed by simple statements and finally sentences. Early language  is taught through activities  that give the children the ability to express their needs, wants, and feelings clearly to all around them. Exposing them to a wide range of literature and vocabulary helps instill a love of reading, and in the future, writing. Different activities include singing, storytelling, puzzles, group games,  and role-playing.

MATH – At this young age, children can learn recognition of numbers and how to count through concrete activities and counting games. Practicing these skills individually allows the child to learn sequencing, sorting, and visual discrimination. Some math activities include stacking, puzzles, counting material, and songs. Even at this young age they can gain a love of math.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – All young children learn through movement. They are always encouraged to move freely through the CCC Center. We believe in an open concept that allows them to freely move at will.  Allowing them to gain self-awareness, grace, and courtesy. They also have outside time in our mostly shaded playground to run, climb, kick, and throw. Productive play and participation is always encouraged.

*Exceptions made for younger/older siblings

Family Handbook

Our family handbook is an overview of our center and our policies. It can be picked up at in our office for review.

Staff/Child Ratios

We strive to adhere to lower ratios than the standards set by the state of South Carolina.

Our Ratios (PDF)


Open Monday - Friday.  We are only closed 15 days per calendar year.